Writing essays – Using stories to support your dissertation

You see, it would not matter much that you have got an amazing thesis if you have bad support for it in the kind of thinly developed stories, weakly described examples, and flawed reasoning. If that is true, then you will be lucky to receive a grade of c on your composition! Let us talk about stories, and what makes great story support for your essays. To help us, we will use the memorable story of Archimedes at Isaac Asimov’s dynamic article, eureka phenomenon, as our example to obtain Asimov’s essay, type eureka phenomenon in Google search. Before we begin, let’s review the start of the real story about Archimedes in Asimov’s essay. Archimedes lives in the city of Sparta, Greece, circa 250 back. His cousin, heron, is the king of Sparta. Now, heron has given a goldsmith a certain quantity of gold to produce a gorgeous new crown, and the goldsmith returned a gorgeous golden crown to him, which the king adored.

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But heron does not trust the goldsmith, thinking the artist might have pocketed a few of the gold and substituted another component into the crown so that it weighs the same as if all of the gold were there. He calls for Archimedes and asks him to ascertain whether the gorgeous crown is, in actuality, pure gold. Now, Archimedes makes a statement about what is already familiar to scientists, that is, the crown would need to be melted down for heron’s answer. Archimedes would have had to say, there is not any known way, sire, to carry through a nondestructive determination of quantity. Then consider one, said heron testily. Archimedes then worked tough on the problem till he was worn out with believing. Now let us get into our discussion on the best way best to use stories to support your essay’s thesis. There are three must-have qualities for great stories used in essays:

  • Structure: beginning, middle, and ending
  • Progress: from old viewpoint to new view
  • Image: vivid, emotional, memorable, and symbolic

Starting-the beginning of a story sets up an old view strong value statement by, about, or relating directly to, the principal character. Middle-the midst of a great story changes scene and connects the old view worth statement with some type of activity to the new view inverse in the end. In the Archimedes story, the center scene has changed to Sparta’s public bathrooms, which is only a temporary resting place so Archimedes can occupy the problem again with more energy, after bathing and relaxing. Check this out to know more.